Good hello! This is a digital collection of early Negativland ephemera, mostly in the form of out-of-print audio recordings. This collection is provided as a public service for Negativland fans who want to hear their older recordings. You'll find that many of these pieces are as good as their recent studio work.

Most of these were collected through Snuggles, the Negativland fan mailing list. Thanks to all of the contributors for sharing.


Here you go! All the early Negativland tracks fom the out-of-print and cassette-only compilations listed in the ESCAPE FROM NOISE discography.


This section is for printed documents from Negativland's history.

Negativland press kit, circa September 1983

Thanks to an eBay seller, I am able to bring you this look at how Negativland were promoting themselves in the early years!

Negativland catalog from 1991
A 1991 letter/catalog from Negativland, via T.E.C. Tones. The date on this letter is September 1991, which places it right at the time that the U2 single was released. Indeed, the catalog description of the single includes the frivolous-sounding (yet totally accurate) sentence, "this one might actually get us into the most trouble yet." Available as a PDF (2.18 MB) or plain text file.


FU2 / Stupidland
The namesake of this Website! The FU2 compilation was announced just after the Island Records/Casey Kasem nonsense as documented in Negativland's FAIR USE book. Hosted by
Snuggles mail list
Where it all began. The traffic has died way down in recent years, but you can still find people around if you send your query to the list.
Negativland's official site
This is your best bet to try to get Negativland albums, but don't expect too much in the way of updates. Negativland isn't too focused on keeping people in the know, not even their fans.

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